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Welcome to Web Design Wellingborough

This page site has been created by Abstract Worlds Ltd, a software and web design and development company based in Midland Road, Wellingborough.

Since you are also a Wellingborough-based company, we want to pass on to you the tricks of the web design trade and help you make an informed decision about getting your company a web design in Wellingborough.

You may not know it, but a lot has changed since the early days of the internet. Web design is very much like desktop publishing and photography, what used to be a field for professionals only, is now a field that almost anyone can be creative in, thanks to new and innovative technology.

Leading the way in this new do it yourself web design age is sitebuilder technology, which allows anyone with basic web browsing skills to create, host, and update their own online presence without having to rely on the services of a professional web designer.  You become the web designer!  You may already have heard of sites like myspace and google pages which allow people to create and host their own personal web pages for free.

For Wellingborough companies wanting a online presence, there are a number of low cost sitebuilder services currently on the market including instantsite from www.123-reg.co.uk (used for this site) and the hosted version of Wordpress at worpress.com.  If you are just looking for a simple site, then you could get a professional web presence for as little as £2.59 per year.  In fact this is exactly the service which we chose to create this page, from www.123-reg.co.uk. We purchased the domain name, and 123-reg include a free 1 page instantsite account and web hosting for the page, which can be upgraded to more pages and designs and no ads if necessary.

These low cost sitebuilder websites are great value for money if that is all you want, i.e. a simple website.  There are some downsides:

  • cheap shared hosting (your website will be one of thousands on the same server, so pages will load slow, uptime may be a problem, and other problems may occur),
  • advertising may appear, we have chosen the cheapest option from 123-reg to illustrate that adverts appear on the right of the website (we didn't put them there), but you could pay to upgrade to remove the adverts
  • lack of customisation, your website may look like many other company's websites, especially since the photos cannot be replaced with your own images
  • lack of advanced features like e-commerce, you will find it difficult to upgrade or evolve into an advanced online shop

It is for these reasons, and many more, that we have created a more professional advanced level sitebuilder system called awebapart.com.  So far with this system we have created a number of websites local to Wellingborough including:

  • royward.net, online gallery for Irchester-based watercolour artist Roy Ward, the gallery includes his famous paintings of Wellingborough
  • a music website for a local acoustic singer songwriter to showcase his songs and debut album
  • johnleaschool.com, pictorial history website for John Lea School, Wellingborough
  • elsbyandco.co.uk, company online presence for Sywell-based accountancy firm, serving companies in Wellingborough, and Northants.
  • kamstkd.com, media rich club pages for Northampton-based Tae Kwon Do club

Whilst sitebuilders can cover a good majority of company web design requirements, they are not for every company. If you want something extra special then perhaps a custom bespoke web design is required.  This is the usual service offered by most web design companies (including most companies in Wellingborough), but be aware that it can be labour-intensive and therefore expensive, the cost may not include webhosting costs, and you probably wont be given the ability to make updates to the webpage text and images yourself, getting your web designer to update the text and images will cost, and the best websites are those that are updated on a frequent basis.